Made By Dyslexia

Made by Dyslexia

Made by Dyslexia are a global charity led by successful and famous dyslexics. Their purpose is to help the world properly understand and support dyslexia.

Made by Dyslexia had a launch event in a great venue in the heart of London. Whilst the venue had no Wi-Fi, there was a desire to ensure that attendees had the connectivity to post pictures on social media and to present guests with a simple branded portal with the opportunity to collect email addresses. With little notice, Inifi were able to set up and deliver, helping the event to be a huge success.

The team at Inifi were able to rapidly depoly a Made By Dyslexia branded WiFi for our event in a space where WiFi would have otherwise been unavailable. 

Melanie Byrne

Made By Dyslexia

Key Success of Project

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