Beautifully designed Wi-Fi for a Robust, Seamless Wi-Fi network

Inifi are experts in Wi-Fi. We create great networks that always work. We provide expert design, installation, maintenance and support to ensure a hassle free Wi-Fi and Wired network.

Wall to Wall Coverage

By delivering good design, Inifi are able to ensure that we give you coverage throughout your premises. There should be no excuse for poor coverage or dead spots. Many networks today have too many competing Wi-Fi access points that make coverage worse. With a well-designed and maintained network from Inifi, your business will have full Wi-Fi coverage throughout.



Wi-Fi has to be seamless. It can no longer be second best to wired connectivity. It has to offer solid connectivity and speed to ensure that offices can work in a free flow way that business today demands. Inifi ensures that connectivity is always available.

Vendor Neutral

At Inifi, we know that different Wi-Fi equipment and solutions need to adapt to a variety of different environments. By being vendor neutral, we are able to recommend and use the best solution for your environment.

Why choose Inifi?

Inifi are Wi-Fi architects who provide meticulous design, creating a consistent and stable Wi-Fi network. Poor Wi-Fi is the result of a lack of early stage planning – often with an over specification of the number of Wi-Fi access points. We provide an affordable model and integrate the right solutions to provide the very best Wi-Fi to your business and guests.

The team at Inifi were able to rapidly depoly a Made By Dyslexia branded WiFi for our event in a space where WiFi would have otherwise been unavailable. 

Melanie Byrne

Made By Dyslexia

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