Inifi ensure you have the tools you need to communicate with your customers

Inifi offer you a range of communications services from traditional phone system to integrated services and systems. We help you save money on your telephony needs


Inifi offer the flexibility you need in telephony for your business. With VOIP (Voice Over IP) solutions and hosted phone systems, costs are low and features high. Whether you need to replace an aging system or are looking for the flexibility that VOIP systems can offer, Inifi can help.

Integrated Communications

Telephony is no longer just about phones on desks. Inifi know that business needs integrated communications to help people work wherever they are. With solutions to move calls between desktop, desk phone and mobile, you can choose to work from wherever you are.

Keeping Costs Down

By routing your phone calls over your internet connection, Inifi are able to save you money. The costs savings of phone lines can give back to your business and give you more money to spend on your data connectivity.

Why choose Inifi?

Inifi will save you money and give better options on your telephony and communication needs. Whether you are a traditional office, co-working space, restaurant or hotel, we have the best solution for you.

In the fast paced restaurant industry, you need an IT supplier who knows what you need and is able to react quickly. Lee and his team are just that.

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