Inifi provide the right connectivity for your business to give you the speeds you need for today’s connected world

From 10MB to 10GB, Inifi offer great value connections to give you the access you need for your business and your customers in Internet and Cloud connectivity.


Feed your need for speed – In today’s world, bandwidth for cloud services and speed to ensure rapid and smooth services for your business to operate is key. Bandwidth is fundamental for a successful network. We ensure you have enough bandwidth through to your yours and your customer’s devices. Inifi offer faster bandwidth at the most competitive prices.


We ensure that you always have solid, consistent bandwidth available that has built in back up, ensuring your key services and business critical operations are always available.

Delivered to Device or Desk

We know that getting the connectivity into the building is important but ensuring it is a consistently good internet connection to every device and in every part of the building is also key. We provide a holistic service with wall to wall coverage and support for every device.

Why choose Inifi?

Inifi understand modern data networks and deliver consistent, fast networks. Inifi understand modern data networks and are the right people to ensure consistent delivery of the fastest network to provide and make your connectivity solutions easy.

Inifi offered us really good value in quoting for our new hotel project. They put the time and effort needed into planning our project. Their team were a real pleasure to work with.

Anil Khanna

KE Hotels

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