We provide relyable wifi for Events, Workspaces and Hospitality


Inifi provide the best Wi-Fi and connectivity equipment at a reasonable price for your events. With our cutting edge guest portal and equipment hire, we are able to offer the best networks at the most competitive price. We include on-site engineering  to ensure that there is never a hitch.


Inifi understand the importance of great Wi-Fi for your hotel. We know that your reputation is in our hands and so things always have to work and the experience for guests has to be flawless. Inifi makes sure your technology runs smoothly, allowing our clients to focus on looking after their guests.


Inifi have vast experience in providing reliable services, where its imperitive things work flawlessly for POS, ordering and payment systems as well as providing great WiFI for guests. Inifi makes sure your technology runs smoothly, allowing you to focus on your business.


Office environments demand Wi-Fi that is as good as cabled access. Inifi architecturally design your Wi-Fi networks so that Wi-Fi is no longer second best. We provide our services on an affordable rental model, guaranteeing the coverage bandwidth and relyability you need.

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