Internet and Wi-Fi that works for your workspace

At Inifi, we know that your Internet and Wi-Fi service has to be fast and seamless. It has to work brilliantly – always and without fail. There is no excuse for slow connectivity or poor Wi-Fi and no reason why users should ever have trouble joining your network.


Whether you are a business with users who need to work freely through the office or a co-working space where Wi-Fi has to be flawless, Inifi provide what you need to ensure that your users can connect at consistent fast speeds without ever dropping. We carefully design and maintain networks with regular monitoring and health checks for perfect connectivity.

Wall to Wall Coverage

We design high speed Wi-Fi networks to make sure that total coverage is available in every corner of your space. We plan for the bandwidth requirements and density. With the right number of Wi-Fi access points correctly positioned and beautifully tuned, Wi-Fi problems will be a thing of the past.


We work with your systems to make sure that where Wi-Fi is needed, it is available and help make your systems work for you. For co-working spaces, we bring so much more than just Wi-Fi. We implement a system that will show presence of members, bill according to time on site and usage, automatically put them in a network access group with their colleagues, let them pay for services and feel a part of your space.

Why choose Inifi?

Office environments demand Wi-Fi that is as good as cabled access. Inifi architecturally design your Wi-Fi networks so that Wi-Fi is no longer second best. We provide our services on an affordable rental model, guaranteeing the coverage you need.

We had ongoing issues with our co-working space WiFi network and Internet connectivity.  Inifi were brilliant at identifying the root causes of the problems and offering fast resolutions.

Shraga Zaltzman

WE Hub

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