Hotel Wi-Fi that your guests will rave about

In this day and age, a hotel’s Wi-Fi can make or break the quality of guest reviews. We know therefore that your Internet and Wi-Fi service has to be fast and seamless. It has to work brilliantly for your guests – always and without fail.

Guest Access

Inifi provide portals that ensure a great experience for guests in logging into your network. This also provides a means of marketing to your users, as well as giving you social analytics to better understand your clientele and their behaviour.

Great Connections

Hotels are judged more than ever on how fast and consistent their internet connections are. A bad rating on a website because of poor connectivity can be extremely damaging. We design a great Wi-Fi network to give wall-to-wall coverage at high speeds regardless of what devices your guests are using. As well as monitoring this 24\7, we provide regular ongoing on-site surveys to make sure that this never changes.

Multi-System Access

Wi-Fi in hospitality needs to work hard. Wi-Fi is business critical, providing a network for guest access, back of house, EPOS, PMS, reservation and payment systems. Inifi are well versed with integrating into the various technology services and suppliers for the hospitality sector.

Why choose Inifi?

Inifi understand the importance of great Wi-Fi for your hotel. We know that your reputation is in our hands and so things always have to work and the experience for guests has to be flawless. Inifi makes sure your technology runs smoothly, allowing our clients to focus on looking after their guests.


Inifi offered us really good value in quoting for our new hotel project. They put the time and effort needed into planning our project. Their team were a real pleasure to work with.

Anil Khanna

KE Hotels

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